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Sensual and tart - these nuances amber fragrance used to give luxurious perfumes. Originally, this popular fragrance building block was obtained from whale secretions. Ethically correct, amber is now produced artificially and still smells very soft, dry and warm with a balsamic-sweet note.


Already in ancient times people used the effect of black cumin oil for beauty and health. Famous is the saying of the Prophet Mohammed: "Black cumin cures every disease except death" In the oil are more than 100 highly active ingredients. It has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, which are vital and have a positive effect on the skin. They provide the elasticity of cell walls, cell development as well as cell regeneration, can contribute to a tensile wound healing and help to a smooth as well as firm skin.


The positive effect of almond oil has been known for thousands of years and already gained health and cosmetic relevance in the ancient cultures of the Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Chinese. Almond oil not only supports central specific effects on the skin, but also counteracts light-induced skin aging through antioxidant effects. Cosmetic care products containing almond oil are very well tolerated, are suitable for all skin types and have many positive effects, especially on dry and sensitive skin.


Eagle wood (oud) has a millennia-old history that runs through all eras. Religions, ideologies and continents. Eagle wood is considered the most complex fragrance on earth and has an infinite number of expressions Its olfactory palette ranges from balsamic-sweet to spicy-bitter to smoky-earthy. The essential oil obtained is one of the most exlusiv fragrance raw materials in the world.


The nuts of the shea tree are harvested today in Central Africa. The "butter tree" can live up to 300 years and does not reach full fruit production until it is 25 years old. It is impossible to imagine cosmetics without shea butter: it contains a high proportion of non-saponifiable ingredients such as disaure - this does not dissolve on contact with water and has a moisturizing effect. Shea butter egt itself like a protective shield on your skin and prevents so that the moisture from the skin can penetrate to the outside. Thus, it is ideal for the care of rocky skin. It is a true "heroine".


Rough, reddened and stressed skin, the rose provides relief. Rose oil is rich in valuable fatty acids as well as vitamins. The essence of the rose has a harmonizing, skin-firming, soothing and moisturizing effect. Like many essential oils, rose oil has an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect.

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